Core Communications Team

Lindsay Cronk, Project Leader (LITA)

Picture of Lindsay Cronk

Maria Collins (ALCTS)

Lynn Hoffman (LLAMA)

Picture of Lynn Hoffman

Christopher Lawton (LITA)

Picture of Christopher Lawton

Chelcie Rowell (ALCTS)

Picture of Chelcie Rowell

Debbie Tenofsky (LLAMA)

Joel Tonyan (LITA)

Picture of Joel Tonyan


The Core Communication team will pursue a tactical and responsive approach to communication that will help coalesce Core as a divisional identity through clear communications on progress and structure, soliciting feedback from members, and supporting discussion with a goal of building buy in for the upcoming merger vote. The design of this project is intended to ensure the development and delivery of an authentically representative voice for Core, that honors members of ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA, using transparency to build trust and buy-in.


  • A clear and targeted email and communication campaign focused on informing members about Steering Committee process.
  • Increased engagement and awareness, targeting the member base and a broader ALA (and beyond) audience prior to the vote
  • Outreach that informs members about the vote.


  • 10-email campaign leading up to the spring 2020 vote
  • 2 #thecorequestion Twitter chat opportunities
  • Support for online Town Halls
  • Updates to website/FAQ
  • Responding to member feedback and input, referring to Steering Committee as necessary

Staff Liaisons

  • Jenny Levine, LITA Executive Director
  • Brooke Morris-Chott, ALCTS Communications Program Officer
  • Chrishelle Thomas, LITA Membership and Marketing Manager