Core Transition Committee

The 2019-20 Core Steering Committee is comprised of nine members who will serve September 2019 – August 2020.

Jennifer Bowen, 2019-20 ALCTS President
Picture of Jennifer Bowen

Christopher Cronin, 2020 ALCTS President
Picture of Christopher J. Cronin

Tyler Dzuba, 2020 LLAMA President
Picture of Tyler Dzuba

Lynn Hoffman, 2018-19 LLAMA President
Picture of Lynn Hoffman

Bohyun Kim, 2018-19 LITA President
Picture of Bohyun Kim

Kristin Martin, 2018-19 ALCTS President
Picture of Kristin Martin

Anne Moore, 2019-20 LLAMA President
Picture of Anne Moore

Emily Morton-Owens, 2019-20 LITA President
Picture of Emily Morton-Owens

Evviva Weinraub, 2020 LITA President
Picture of Evviva Weinraub

The Core Transition Committee consists of the 9 most recent presidents of ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA. Each president is chairing one of the phase one working groups, and together they will direct the implementation of the recommendations from these groups. The CTC will disband when the first Core Board is seated in November 2020.

 Staff Liaisons

  • Jenny Levine, LITA Executive Director
  • Julie Reese, ALCTS Deputy Director
  • Kerry Ward, LLAMA Executive Director/ALCTS Interim Executive Director
  • Tom Ferren, ALCTS Continuing Education Program Officer
  • Brooke Morris-Chott, ALCTS Communications Program Officer
  • Fred Reuland, LLAMA CE & Communications Program Officer
  • Chrishelle Thomas, LITA Marketing & Membership Manager

View information about the Core Steering Committee, which led the effort from July 2019 – May 2020.