Core Working Groups

In July 2020, 11 working groups comprised of ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA members began working on recommendations for how various groups, programs, and activities should continue or change once we become Core.

Recommendations from these groups will be submitted to the Core Transition Committee (CTC) in early August. The CTC will then work with staff on implementation of the recommendations.

These phase one working groups cover the following areas:

  1. Awards, Grants, and Scholarships
  2. Budget and Finance
  3. Committees
  4. Communications
  5. Conference Programming
  6. Continuing Education
  7. Fundraising and Sponsorships
  8. Interest Groups
  9. Member Engagement
  10. Publications
  11. Standards

In late September, phase two working groups will begin discussing recommendations to make in the following areas:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Content Coordination
  3. Exchange and Forum
  4. Leadership Development and Mentoring
  5. Preservation Week
  6. Sustainability

You can sign up for phase two groups using the Get Involved form. All reports will be posted publicly here on this site after they are submitted.