Our Mission, Vision, and Values


To cultivate and amplify the collective expertise of library workers in core functions through community building, advocacy, and learning.

Management and Leadership

  • Administration
  • Assessment
  • Buildings and equipment
  • Human resources

Technical Services 

  • Acquisitions 
  • Cataloging
  • Collection management
  • Electronic and continuing resources
  • Metadata 
  • Preservation


  • Coding/Development
  • Data & Open Science
  • Web services
  • Systems administration
  • Emerging trends
  • Innovation
  • Digital Humanities


Core members play a central role in every library, shaping the future of the profession by striking a balance between maintenance and innovation, process and progress, collaborating and leading. 



Core members will find it easy to understand what we do, how we do it, and the roles each member can play to advance divisional and personal professional goals. 


Core champions the belief that we are stronger – as individuals, as a division, and as a profession – when we ensure that our work includes diverse voices. 


Our structure and activities will be welcoming to members – existing and prospective, new to the profession and seasoned.

Knowledge Sharing

Core will be the source for sharing and developing expertise among members, providing programming, publications, and other activities that support professional development in a wide variety of forms.


Core members will have ample opportunities to engage with colleagues and do valuable work, and those opportunities will meet our members where they are. 


Core will design and assess practices and programs that consider both economy and ecology; it will invest in infrastructure and maintenance, and ensure the future of the organization and the profession. 


Core will be dedicated to innovating by maintaining a balance between agile and adaptable activities and strategic decision-making with the future of the division in mind.