We’re Listening to You

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Greetings from Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a proposed division of ALA. We’ve spent the past weeks thinking about the feedback you’ve shared and considering the best ways to answer your questions. Thank you for your passion and your willingness to engage. As we move towards the vote on whether or not to merge ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA, asking hard questions and pushing for clarification is necessary and valuable work. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the library workers who ensure and manage the processes and efforts at the center, or core, of all library services. 

We’re listening to you. The decision to merge or not merge is in your hands, and we’re facilitating upcoming events for you to hear directly from the Core Steering Committee and to share your feedback directly so that you can make the decision that is right for you. 

Moving ahead, you can expect updates on the developments and work for the Core Steering Committee, which is focused on three key areas: 

  1. Preparing for October 9’s Town Hall to get more of your feedback and to engage potential members broadly.
  2. Sharing documentation and soliciting your feedback on Core’s mission, vision, goals, and process
  3. Addressing gaps in the potential design for interim governance to prepare for the potential division to succeed. 

Please consider attending one of our upcoming online town hall meetings or #TheCoreQuestion Twitter chats or providing us with feedback through our online form. We’ll be sending you regular emails (at least once a month) to keep you updated on progress, but your input is what we need. Please keep it coming. We hope you’ll consider Core as a future home for your engagement and service with ALA. 

Sincerely, Your Core Steering Committee:

Christopher Cronin, 2019-20 ALCTS President-Elect
Tyler Dzuba, 2019-20 LLAMA President-Elect
Evviva Weinraub, 2019-20 LITA President-Elect
Lindsay Cronk, LITA Representative
Erica Findley, ALCTS Representative
Kate Hall, LLAMA Representative
Cotina Jones, LLAMA Representative
Ted Quiballo, LITA Representative
Chelcie Rowell, ALCTS Representative